Coaches Zone

Who we are and what we do?

CMAS Athletes is not a sports agency. We work with students and student athletes around the world on advising them on all the requirements needed to start a college education in the United States. We are a consulting firm and therefore our service is purely to advice our students and students-athletes.

What makes us unique?

CMAS is constituted of former NCAA/NJCAA and NAIA international student-athletes so we understand both sides of the international recruiting equation.  We are aware of all the laws and regulations that international and domestic student-athlete need to meet in order to compete in the American Collegiate System. We have experience across the 23 collegiate sports. Our goal is to facilitate the process to you, the student-athlete and their families. 

How do we operate?

By registering with us you will have unlimited access to see and evaluate many prospects “Locker Rooms” where you will be able to find key information for your recruiting needs. Athletes personalized “Locker Room” includes statistics, pictures, exams scores, transcripts, videos and social media features. Please note that by registering with us you are also subscribing to our mailing list which will give you the ability to receive Locker Rooms directly to your e-mail. We aim to provide you with high value and if this is not the case you have the ability to unsubscribe directly in our emails.


We evaluate all of our athletes and run a strong filter before admitting anyone into our program. It is our policy to ONLY contact coaches when we know athletes meet their specific academic/athletic requirements. 

Do you have any specific recruiting needs? 

Please send a request to and one of our sport program consultants will reach out to you directly.